Camping with the Van’s

Here is another post of our little family trip to the Gem fields this year… if you haven’t already seen last years post and read a bit of the background story behind our yearly trips to Rubyvale/Tomahawk Creek, here is the link- This year was a little different, as we went for longer and it was just […]

A year in the life of my daughter Cameron

Inspired by many other blogs out there I have decided to document a year in the life my daughter Cameron, by taking a photo a day! (I must say that I’m not the best with keeping things like this up, so it will be interesting to see if I make it to the end of […]

The Cubby House

Here are a few photos of the cubby house my husband built our little girl for her upcoming birthday…

My little super hero

This weekend I went to the Sarina Markets for the first time, Its Huge… well for Mackay standards anyway 😉 While walking around I saw this doll at the Blue Eyed Monsters stall and it just seemed like the perfect doll for my daughter (and I could already see a photoshoot with it!). So this afternoon […]

A trip to the Strawberry Farm

Just a few photos from todays trip to the strawberry farm! Someone was a little upset that your not allowed to eat the strawberries while picking them… there were tears!  

Animal toys

This is just a quick post of my daughter and the new animal toys I brought her today… She LOVES them! and even wanted to take them to bed. So we tucked them ALL in bed with her and said goodnight 🙂

Into the Wild…

So I thought I’d share our little camping trip that we went on last week with my in-laws. To give you a little background story, the below photos were shot at the Gemfields/Rubyvale. My father in-law has been going here since about 1969 to fossick for gems… namely sapphires. He started bringing his son with […]

Stella’s 3rd Birthday Party!

Cameron and I had the pleasure of helping Stella celebrate her 3rd birthday yesterday. There was HEAPS of cake to be eaten and the kids even got to ice their own cupcakes too, which is such a cute idea! It was held at The Frosted Delight’s Cakery. (Cameron has a bad egg allergy and the […]