Jeffrey & Victoria

So I actually posted these images a few days ago from Victoria and Jeff’s wedding at the amazing Chateau Yering, Varra Yalley. I was just trying to think of what I could write to accompany the photos, Just so you could have a better glimps into the type of kind and genuine people Vic and Jeff are. But I’m really bad with words, I just take pretty pictures, so I thought I might share a little story from their day that I thought was really special.

The day was obviously amazing, but it was the family and friends who had flown from all over the globe to be there for Victoria and Jeff that made the day really special and meaningful to the couple.

Unfortunately Victoria had found out the day before the wedding that one of her brothers wouldn’t be able to make it to the venue until midnight the night of the wedding! The helicopter that was supposed to fly him in had some issues and wasn’t able to pick him up when it was originally scheduled to.

It obviously meant a lot to Victoria to have all her family there, and she was pretty upset that her brother wouldn’t be there on her special day. It also meant that he wouldn’t be in any of the family photos.

SO I suggested that I could do some family photos early the following morning before I caught my flight back home… Vicotria said yes and in all honesty I expected to get there the next morning and find that everyone still in bed hungover from the night before. BUT was completely shocked to see them all sitting there redressed in there wedding outfits waiting for me to take their family photos!! Now thats some serious family love right there!
2014-06-20_00112014-06-20_00462014-06-20_00582014-06-20_0056 2014-06-20_0055 2014-06-20_0054 2014-06-20_0053 2014-06-20_0052 2014-06-20_0051 2014-06-20_0050 2014-06-20_0049 2014-06-20_0048

The phone call when Victoria found out her brother wouldn’t make it..2014-06-20_0057 2014-06-20_00472014-06-20_00452014-06-20_0020
2014-06-20_00282014-06-20_00292014-06-20_00232014-06-20_00242014-06-20_00212014-06-20_00272014-06-20_00302014-06-20_00312014-06-20_00322014-06-20_00332014-06-20_00352014-06-20_00342014-06-20_00362014-06-20_00372014-06-20_00382014-06-20_00392014-06-20_00402014-06-20_00412014-06-20_00422014-06-20_00432014-06-20_00192014-06-20_00172014-06-20_00182014-06-20_00152014-06-20_00162014-06-20_00012014-06-20_00142014-06-20_00132014-06-20_00122014-06-20_00092014-06-20_00082014-06-20_00062014-06-20_00042014-06-20_00032014-06-20_0002Victoria and both her brothers… the next morning 😉

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