Camping with the Van’s

Here is another post of our little family trip to the Gem fields this year… if you haven’t already seen last years post and read a bit of the background story behind our yearly trips to Rubyvale/Tomahawk Creek, here is the link-

This year was a little different, as we went for longer and it was just myself, my husband, father in-law and of course my daughter Cameron.

Cameron spent the days helping her father and grandfather digging for sapphires, as well as going for walks to see the goats and exploring and at night we roasted marshmallows by the fire.

(there is no running water or electricity on the site. We used solar power and had tanks of water)

2014-05-20_00012014-05-23_00062014-05-23_00072014-05-23_00012014-05-23_00032014-05-23_00042014-05-23_00052014-05-23_00022014-05-20_0009 2014-05-20_00102014-05-20_0008 2014-05-20_0007 2014-05-20_0006 2014-05-20_0005 2014-05-20_0004 2014-05-20_0003 2014-05-20_00022014-05-31_00022014-05-23_00182014-05-23_0019 2014-05-23_0017 2014-05-23_0016 2014-05-23_0015 2014-05-23_0014 2014-05-23_0013 2014-05-23_0012 2014-05-23_0011 2014-05-23_0010 2014-05-23_0009 2014-05-23_00082014-05-31_0001

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