Rhys & Jessica

This was one of those weddings that photographers hope for, something a little different and unique. The bride and groom were so relaxed and just took every thing in their stride… even when it started raining!

Oh and the location, don’t even get me started, I LOVE this farm I could have spent days shooting there!

I feel so privileged that I got to be a part of Rhys and Jessica’s special day… thank you!

Jess & Rhys_17

2013-06-22_00012013-06-22_00022013-06-22_00112013-06-22_00102013-06-22_00162013-06-25_00182013-06-22_00182013-06-22_00172013-06-22_00192013-06-22_00142013-06-22_00202013-06-22_00132013-06-22_00122013-06-25_00202013-06-22_00092013-06-22_00082013-06-22_00072013-06-25_00192013-06-22_00062013-06-22_00052013-06-22_00042013-06-22_00032013-06-24_00032013-06-24_00042013-06-24_00022013-06-24_00012013-06-18_00012013-06-24_0006I love this photo above… of the bridesmaids feet!2013-06-24_00072013-06-24_00132013-06-24_00122013-06-24_00112013-06-24_00102013-06-24_00092013-06-24_00082013-06-25_00152013-06-18_00122013-06-24_00182013-06-24_00202013-06-24_00192013-06-18_00152013-06-24_0015



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  1. Paula says:

    there amazing Candice!

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