Kate & Cody

Yesterday we went scouting for some new locations for a couple of upcoming photoshoots I have.

Basically we ended up at the beach in the dunes/grass only to be eaten alive by sand-flies, we escaped to the sand and ocean and did a little impromptu photoshoot of my best friend and her son. (I had my daughter with me and lets just say it was interesting… she really wanted to be in the photos and help her best friend pose for the camera)

2014-02-17_0001 2014-02-17_0014

Cam giving Kate a tickle to make her laugh :)

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A year in the life of my daughter Cameron

Inspired by many other blogs out there I have decided to document a year in the life my daughter Cameron, by taking a photo a day! (I must say that I’m not the best with keeping things like this up, so it will be interesting to see if I make it to the end of the year. (It was kind of a new-years resolution  for me and on day one I felt overwhelmed, but so far so good!)

I thought by sharing my this with others it might make me stick with it!